Sarvari Research Trust


The Sárvári Research Trust is a not-for-profit company based near Bangor in North Wales, U.K. We breed Sárpo potatoes, resistant to late-blight disease.  We research the late-blight pathogen, Phytophthora infestans, and how it manages to evade most methods of control. Six of our varieties are Nationally Listed in U.K. Sárpo Mira and Axona are red, maincrop potato cultivars, ideal for low-input and organic growing, having the highest natural resistance to the new strains of blight as well as high resistance to common viruses. Four new varieties were awarded listing status in June, 2009 and will be launched at our Open Day on 14 August, 2009. .

Other characteristics of our Sárpo varieties include  high yield and deep-rooting for good drought tolerance and vigorous, weed-smothering foliage. Un-refrigerated storage is possible because of long dormancy. Their hardy constitution means that they have an exceptionally light carbon footprint.



Before blight and

After blight  (Click pik to enlarge)